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Reduce Cost Per Lead by 60%, cost per click by 51% 

At Manson Media, we believe in using data and every corner to deliver the best results for our partners. 

When it comes to analyzing thousands of pieces of data, a machine does that best, which is why we implement AI into every Google or Bing ad account we touch. 

What that means is you have AI using your historical data, as recent as yesterday, to help make strategic changes to your ad account now, which leads to lower cpc and more conversions. 


We handle all the strategy, setting up the account, keyword decisions, ad writing, but when it comes to knowing if a customer is going to convert better on a Tuesday at 11 am rather than Tuesday at 8 pm so raise the bid by 20%, we implement machines.

By leveraging AI from the beginning, we allow for your account to process more data, which helps the AI learn more about your customers, how they turn into leads and by what keywords and ads. The AI positions your account for success 24/7, which we will make the strategic decisions on how it operates and what your goals are. 

AI Does What Humans Cannot


Looks at yesterday’s data to make current adjustments


Makes bid adjustments every 30 minutes


Optimize for conversions


Pace perfectly so you never worry about going over budget


Keyword bid adjustments daily


Device bid adjustments daily, so you get the best traffic from mobile, tablet and desktop


Optimize for lower CPC

What Our Clients Say

The impact of the AI is almost instantly. We saw better results the very next day and they continually improved day after day.  

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Multi-Channel PPC Marketing. Get More Leads.


Predict ad spend, conversions, 12 month revenue and customer lifetime value

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