AI and Machine Learning

Reduced Cost Per Click

More Clicks & More Conversions

Do you struggle knowing you’re doing all you can to have a successful

Google or Bing Ad Campaign?


Step One

Pick your monthly ad spend you’ll be processing through our AI

Step Two

Connect your Google Ad or Bing Ad account to ours

Step Three

Sit back and watch our AI drive lower costs and more conversions

Cost Per Conversion

Prior to AISEM

CPC: $8.26 Conversions: 38

Cost Per Conversion: $132

90 Days Using AISEM

CPC: $4.46

Conversions: 94

Cost Per Conversion: $53.17

aisem cost per conversion



That’s right, we give you access to a live dashboard of your ad spend, giving you full transparency into your ads without needing to jump into your ad account.

We also deliver week over week performance, so you know exactly how you’re improving week by week and you can see your spend, clicks and leads/sales.

Lastly, you get a monthly report to sum up your entire month compared to the prior. You’ll never feel like you’re in the dark again.


does not do:

It does not add negative keywords. You are still responsible for cleaning up the keywords.

It does not create new ads or make ad adjustments.

It does not set up conversion tracking. If you’re running Google Ads but you’re not tracking conversions properly, the system will adjust for a lower cost per click but can’t force conversions if they are not set up properly.

Who should use AISEM:

Anyone running Google or Bing Ads that does not have the time to make keyword bid adjustments or device bid adjustments every few days.

Anyone that just wants better performance, more leads, more sales.

who should not use aisem:

If you still want to be in the account making tiny bid adjustments or fight the changes the AI is making. You have to trust the process or you’ll never allow it to actually work.


Our pricing is super simple!

Starts at $99/ month for the minimum ad spend of $300. After you hit $300 in ad spend, we only charge 10% of ad spend for to use our AI. The estimator projects monthly and cost.

Lifecycle Of AISEM

A 90 day breakdown of how AI continues to improve your results

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Predict ad spend, conversions, 12 month revenue and customer lifetime value

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