Get Started With AISEM

We are so excited you’re diving into using AI and machine learning. 

Next Steps

1. Fill out your info and if there’s anything else you need assistance with.

2. You connect your ad account to ours. We review your historical data (if it’s a brand new account, the AI will still work) and set up the AI to drive results. We set up the AI based on your data and how the system will generate the best results.

3. As soon as we set up the AI (and you give us the green light to start), your data starts processing through the system. The standard billing applies immediately and your amazing results start flowing in.

  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 300.
    minimum monthly ad spend is $300
  • Do You Need Any Additional Services?

  • We will write up to 5 new ads and ad variations for your SEM campaign prior to launch.
  • Conversion tracking is the most important piece of SEM campaigns. We will set up your tracking use Google Tag Manager, implement into your Google Analytics and tie into your Google Ad campaign. It's the best way to know what is actually working.
  • If you need a new landing page to send ads. Running good ads is only half the battle, you need a page that converts. This includes writing the ad copy.
  • Negative keywords are an important piece to your campaigns, ensure you're not showing up for the wrong keywords. We will review your account monthly, adding in any negative keywords.

Billing Overview

Ad Spend

  • Your account ad spend must be over $300/month. There is no cap to how much data our AI can process.
  • We charge 10% of ad spend volume. So if you spend $100/week through Google or Bing ads, we bill $10/week.
  • We bill every Sunday for ad spend processed the previous 7 days. It’s that easy.


  • You’re billed once a week on Sundays. We take into account the ad spend from the past 7 days, last Sunday to Saturday.
  • Your account will auto-renew every month, as in, we never turn off the AI until you give us direction to pause or cancel. If you do want to turn off the AI, you can ask us to pause at any time or inform us 7 days prior to your next billing cycle you do not want to continue. 
  • We do not offer refunds after your AI has processed, however, you can ask us to pause the campaign at any time.
  • Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsCancellation – Refund – Billing Policy

Refunds & Cancellation

  •  Once the data processed through our AI, we cannot refund any fee you may owe for the total ad spend run.
  • You may cancel at any time. We don’t have contracts. Subscriptions auto-renew every 30 days, just inform us 7 days prior to your next bill that you would like to cancel.
  • You may ask us to pause the campaign once a month. You’ll just need to let us know when to turn the AI back on. What you cannot do is every 2 days ask us to pause, then start, then pause, then start. The AI will not work if this happens. 
  • Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsCancellation – Refund – Billing Policy

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