Your business website is more than just an online representation of your business, but it should also increase your brand recognition and awareness. Likewise, your website should promote your products or services, and either attract the right market or reach out to the target audience.

If you think that your website isn’t getting sufficient returns for your business, it may be time to consider a website redesign. When it comes to a website redesign, you have the option to choose between an inbound marketing agency and a web designer.

It is vital to know that an inbound agency deals with various forms of inbound marketing to increase visitors, prospects, leads, and ultimately sales. A web designer, on the other hand, is specifically responsible for designing the layout, visual appearance, and usability of a website.

The question is: Which of the two should you choose for your website redesign? When in the selection process, consider the crucial factors below.

1. Goals and plans

This entails knowing your business goals and website plans. For the most part, you have three primary goals for your website: traffic, leads, and sales. Both short-term and long-term goals have to be communicated to the team or the individual working on your site.

A web designer will most work on the visuals and codes for your site redesign. On the other hand, an inbound agency may go beyond that by looking at the overall marketing goals and execute the right website strategies.

2. Support level

Typically, you’ll be working with a web designer or an inbound agency for two to six months. Various degrees of support will depend on their level of expertise and on the specific services they provide.

A web designer team may have one or two designers focused on the design and development of your website. However, they may not be able to handle content creation and SEO strategy for your site. This is where an inbound agency comes into play.

3. Collaboration and relationships

Your working relationship with either a web designer or an inbound agency is crucial to the success of your website redesign. Know that any business project, such as website redesign, is collaborative in nature. It’s about pursuing good partnerships with them—from the goal-setting to the planning stage down to executing the implemented strategies.

For the most part, website designers work project to project. They’ll ensure a visually appealing and highly functional website, and once the project ends, the relationship dissolves. With an inbound agency, however, they will work with you for longer months—from designing the website to monitoring your marketing strategies up to seeing the results.

4. Overall cost

Your designer or agency will charge you accordingly, depending on the work scope and the project timeline.

When partnering with a website designer, ensure the bulk of your budget will be going to design and development. As an inbound marketing agency delivers more value for your website redesign with additional strategies and expertise in specialized areas, you must expect to spend more on costs!

For the most part, your decision to choose between an inbound agency and web designer will depend on your business goals, website plans, timeframe, and budget.

When choosing, consider the essential factors outlined above and weigh the pros and cons of these two options. In the end, you will want your business website and marketing efforts to be set up for long-term success.

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