The most important strategy to increase sales is a solid remarketing or often called retargeting strategy.

This is the act of sending ads to people that have already been on your website.

You can get very granular with your retargeting, retargeting only people that visit specific pages, stayed on your site so many seconds, viewed a certain number of pages etc.

Many people get exposed to a product on their phone, either through FB, IG or some other source. But very few buy products/services on their phone (unless you’re Amazon). So why not retarget people only on desktops with your CTA to make a purchase.

With your message, try to make it very specific. Lets use a plumber as an example. If they have 10 different service pages and we want to retarget people who only visited the leaky sink page. We would want to send ads with CTA’s such as “Still having a leaky sink?” or “40% Of Sink Repairs”.

The more specific you can get with ad messages, the better.

What you’ll need installed is Google Analytics that allows for remarketing and a Facebook pixel. With these two installed, you can remark on Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

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