When you hear the phrase artificial intelligence, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it science fiction movies, where evil AI from the Terminator to Ultron rampage across the Earth trying to destroy humanity?
Well, on the bright side, we haven’t yet invented AI that can kill us. We’ve found ways to improve many facets of life with AI, including marketing your business or company. But how does that even work?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s time to discover the top 5 examples of artificial intelligence revolutionizing digital marketing today! So let’s jump right in!

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

One of the major examples of how AI is revolutionizing marketing comes from the ability of AI to automate processes that previously had to get done manually. For example, the AI Software we have takes the budget for your advertising every month and uses that budget as a guideline for placing automatic bids in sites for your ad content. It also takes into account what does and doesn’t work and mods bids based on that data. This automation frees workers to focus more on creating content rather than slaving away through tedious processes.

The second way AI revolutionizes marketing is through its ability to identify aspects of human speech. Using programs like chatbots or phone-bots, AI takes recognizable words and phrases and provides automated responses based on said input. This allows you to save the manpower and time from doing it yourself in your marketing department.

The third example is the ability to learn what customers value without stepping outside your building. Ever wonder why your computer always shows you ads for a product you looked at once on Amazon out of curiosity? That’s thanks to AI software monitoring your Internet activity and delivering you ads based on what it perceives to be your interests.

Need More Marketing AI Examples?

The fourth example of how AI revolutionizes marketing pops up with the speed at which artificial intelligence can process data. AI can take terabytes of data statistics that would take forever to add up by hand and condenses it into short readouts. This gives you quick updates on how aspects of your marketing like your ROI is doing.

Our final example of the night is the use of AI to recognize patterns in data. You can apply this to digital marketing by using the AI to isolate strategies like certain kinds of ads and find which of these said strategies trend towards being more popular with customers. Or, it could work towards finding a certain aspect of an ad that customers find appealing.

The Dawn of the Age of Machines

And there you have it! Now that you know the top 5 examples of artificial intelligence and how it’s revolutionizing marketing today, you’re ready to give your business the revolution it needs to skyrocket it to the top of the charts!
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