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Omni Channel PPC Marketing

Marketing is confusing today. There are so many marketing channels and so much data to look at, it’s hard to know what was it up or down. We simplify it.

Our strategy if a full omnichannel paid marketing strategy for b2b companies, which means we find your best customers, target them with ads and then never leave their sight.

We focus on driving cold traffic through strategic channels like Google Ads and LinkedIn (or wherever your audience is), then retarget them on other platforms like Facebook and YouTube to always keep your brand top of mind.

The strategy allows you to spend your marketing dollars on users most likely to turn into leads and into sales. The entire program is built to help scale your business with positive ROI. 


Our approach to marketing is data first. We spend time analyzing your current customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value (if you don’t know, we help find it) and potential marketing costs. Our goal is to set benchmarks and real expectations so you know, before we ever start, what numbers we all must hit to generate a positive ROI from your marketing dollars. 

We do not take on accounts where the initial analyst shows we will lose money. It’s a lose-lose for both of us and we are not in the business of leading companies down the wrong path. We aim to help companies achieve exceptional marketing which leads to exceptional growth.

Complete PPC Marketing Strategy and Execution

None of our products are standalone. When you work with us, you get everything below, as long as it fits your strategy and your future.



From start to finish. We help figure out lifetime value, cost per lead, what channel with work best and how to execute omni-channel marketing.

Google Ads/Bing Ads

Using true AI and machine learning to drive maximum return from your Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Full marketing strategy to deploy and optimize your social ads to drive leads. 

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is often the perfect place to find your cold audience. We help build your audience, upload email list, company list and retargeting. 


We write all of your ads. You’ll never have to worry about if your ad text is right because we use data to make sure it’s right. 

Product Market Fit

With the strategy, we figure out where your customers are and how to reach them. 

Data Analytics

You get a dashboard into your daily ad spend you can access 24/7. Weekly reports followed up by monthly reports. You’re always in the know. 

YouTube Ads

We build and run video ads to give you another channel to drive awareness, traffic and conversions. 


Other Ad Channels

There are so many ad channels, like Pinterest, Snapchat and programmatic that can be used to get in front of your audience and drive new leads. We determine what ones are best using data and making strategic decisions. 

Financial Analytics

We break down every account so you know your exact ROAS for every channel, helping you understand exactly how much you’re making from ad spend. 

Financial Analytics

We break down every account so you know your exact ROAS for every channel, helping you understand exactly how much you’re making from ad spend. 

Ad Design

Ad design, static images and videos. We handle it all for you.

World Class PPC Marketing

Our marketing is not standard. You will have over 20+ audiences. How? We upload email lists, we download intent data, we build audiences based on the exact way they reached your website, how many pages they visited, what page they visited, what stage of the funnel they are at and so much more. You’ll have a fully segmented audience so that over time, you know exactly who converts the best and on what channel, allowing you, and us, to drive world-class results.

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Predict ad spend, conversions, 12 month revenue and customer lifetime value